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There they were...the islands. Big ones, small ones, beautiful ones

and wasted ones . . . But wherever they went, wherever they looked,

wherever they put their feet...only uninhabitable, exploited, devastated

sands. . . They encountered everything they meant to leave behind. War...

poison... degeneration . . . Love died a long time ago . . .

Blood blood all around

The land is crying out

All men are dead underneath the sands

And noone understands

Gold gold all is sold

Ten thousands have been slain

They stole their gold and destroyed their souls

The prayers were all in vain

War war behind the shore

All men are on the run

They burned the earth until there

But a wasteland in the sun

A wasteland in the sun

But there's the albatross

Flying circles through the wind

The silent master of this land

Far beyond the Southern Cross

Nobody heard his cries

Wailing sadly through the skies

Now h

Albatross /

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