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Looking Back

Looking back at public school

Reading playboy magazine

Insisting that the articles

Were the only things we'd read

Thinking then that love was meant to


And if a girl said she liked you

Then you'd bonk her

Don't try to lay that mush on me

Looking back a high school

Getting drunk for the local dance

Lonely boys - nervous girls

Grappling with romance

Thinking then that love

Meant something frightening

A sudden end as brutal

As bolts of lightening

Don't know what it was, but it scared me


From one night stands to wedding bands

To struggling to stay free

Watching time move faster

As hold on helplessly

As love smoulders waiting to be tamed

We grow older staying much the same

Looking back a college life

Seemed like such a compromise

Unsure of my direction

Using brains as my disguise

Thinking then that love meant to


You only felt its warmth

When you surrendered

Don't know what it was, but it scared me

Repeat chorus

Looking Back /

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