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All I See Is Your Face

Everytime the phone rings i pray it might be you

That you thought out all the answers

Wanna get back togeter again

Oh but a strangers voice rings thru my ears

And though i listen you are all i hear

And girl i didn't mean to drive you away

People come and go so fast

But all i see is your face

There's an old man on the corner

Just staring at the sea

I wanna hold him like a broken doll

Ask him if he's lonely like me

The waves crash like a violent dream

The mist flies and the seagulls scream

And the old man he sees nothing just stares into space

And me all i can see is your face

Now i know there are no promises in love

You've gotta give it all you have

And hope that maybe you can share

Maybe you can share your life with someone

A stranger touches me and all i can feel

Is your embrace

A stranger looks my way

And all i ever see is your face

I've got my songs to protect me

I've got my friends to ease the pain

They say time will heal this emptiness

Girl without you it ain't the same

I don't see any stars tonight

Just the darkness of the city lights

I close my eyes once more and try to escape

And all i can see is your face

All I See Is Your Face /

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