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Lonely In Love

Some say that love is its own

Love is its own reward

But I can't help but believe

There's got to be more.

A man needs a woman

To have and to hold

To love him in body

As well as in soul

I need your desire

Where did the fire go?

I keep trying to sleep

But sleep won't be mine tonight

There's so much sorrow inside

And baby, I don't know why.

I give you your freedom

I give you my love

I give all I have every time that we touch

I don't know, baby,

Maybe I give too much.


Now I'm lonely in love

Why must I be lonely in love

I'm so lonely in love

Baby why must I be lonely

Why must I be lonely in love.

I know that love carries no

She carries no guarantees

But still I can't seem to

Find a reason that I can believe in

You said to be patient

And give you some room

You said you had changes

You need to work through

But the longer I wait

The farther I feel from you.

(Repeat chorus twice)

Baby, you're my one and only

Why do you keep me lonely in love

Дэниэл Фогельберг

Lonely In Love / Дэниэл Фогельберг

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