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(United we stand, divided we fall)

(It ain't just a song)

(It's a way of life)



They say my skin is my sin, so I'm destined for hell

It's a game I can't win, but yet they claim this is fair

Guilty since my birth, at times I feel I'm cursed

And brown against brown, that shit's even worse

I'm Latino and proud until they put me in the ground

And right now and forever my pride is holding down

There are plenty to say, and fake it take it for granted

When it comes to showing heart, not to many standing

In and out of jail, that's the life I've been granted

Where the only justice that I know is poetic Janet

Bandits all around, all they want is get at me

Haters getting popped like you do to rid acne

There are plenty listen, but never hear what I'm saying

Claiming brown and proud, when truthfully you're hating

White washed individuals selling out like silly hoes

Calling me a wetback for my culture language that I know

Fluently in Spanish digo y ago lo que quiera

Never causing static but I'm down for whatever

United is a dream that at times I seem to have

Being brown as you're family

United we stand


United we stand, divided we fall

Stand tall brown and proud I'm saying it loud

United we stand, divided we fall

Stand tall brown and proud it's on you, you make the call



I speak more knowledge than a teacher; hold your attention like a preacher

You're mind is like an atlas, that's why I'm here to teach you

Reach out and touch someone like AT

United /

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