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I bought the CD, downloaded the mp3

I even bought the import from the Japanese

I read the bio to see what you're all about

Let's put it this way folks, this guy is no boy scout

I'm missing the point


What if I had a hero that I just could not believe in

A self indulgent model of an egotistic human being

Who boasts about his reckless life in every interview

Yeah, oh man, I can't believe in you

He plays the guitar so he gets his one night stands

He's always being watched by his adoring fans

A role model isn't what he ever asked to be

With fame there comes this thing: responsibility

I'm missing the point


I guess I'm playing the game

I guess that I'm the one to blame

I put my faith in man

Though he'll turn to dust

I'll put my faith and all my trust

In the One who made me


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