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Girl Had It Good

B to Y to E to me

Bye to me

Gazed into the finest eyes

Falling into your friendly fire

Holding on to something that ain't real

But you have jumped into the cracks

Some unfortunate girl you put on wax

I can't believe I never knew the deal

Oh our time was made to flow

Damn I tried but you had to go

Now all your crazy mess has set you free

If you could come within a mile

Of showing this world a legitimate smile

Then all this pain would never have to be.

Did everything to make it work

Did everything but?

Did everything to make it right


Bye to me

I've seen things like this before

A man who don't know to walk out the door

When all this time he knew there was nothing there.

Walk outside. She's left behind

Another freak she's bound to find

Maybe this time he'll know just what to do

Girl Had It Good /

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