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Corpus Hermeticum

My heart will become our shelter

Now that you turn my hands

To the livings worlds

And my fears grovel with the dark

As the seal, I'm in disguise


I wear the bowel and there's my face

I look down

And I fear

Down on my hands of fornication

And the children speak

We'll be arised and touch the Earth

Without a crown

Raphael will be sent to burn the ground

To subcreate

We'll fornicate to a new time

Hurry almost done

And you will see through me again

I will say join hands and greet us

To wash him away in your silver light

Thus sever ??? on your grave

You cannot save yourself

I'll feel your fear

I'll die you follow

I win

You will not save

You will not save

You will not save your lives

I lose

Your lives

When all is done

The voice of the mute will announce the will

The blind will see again

When all is too dark to be seen

The deaf will listen

When all is too loud to be heard

Revelations to the world

To finally follow their guilty God's

I keep

The share

I fear


I lust

In pain

I hide

In sin

When all is done

You'll see my face again

To finally follow their guilty God's

Corpus Hermeticum /

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