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Fuck You And Your Heroes

Intro and Chorus:

Elvis Buck him with my shotgun!!! (repeat 3 times)

Elvis Buck Buck Buck Buck!!

Verse One: J Dee

Does Polly want a cracker? Fuck no she a zero

And I ain't with the rednecked hero

I'm glad that Lincoln got bucked in the face

We shoulda been free in the first place

Now let me drop it like it should be dropped

and watch Rocky Marciano's assed get mopped (what up)

[Madonna, you mutherf*ckin' slut

You could show ya butt, and Jimmy STILL won't get up] (word)

The Beatles, I just can't fade

Get the mutherfuckin raid, Bone, we got roaches

[And Fonzie can't rumble]

And by the way you can have Bryant Gumble

Babe Ruth was good against the white boys

But he couldn't hit a nigga like Doc Gooden

Marylin Monroe was a ho to the Kennedy's

Don't worry - J.D. know the enemy

And I'll point 'em out if ya don't know 'em

[And tell Uncle Sam that I'm lookin' for 'em]

Cause we don't bow down to no zeros

And I'll say - fuck you and your heroes!!


(I'll snap your red-assed neck you motherfuckin perpetratin bitch)

Verse Two:

Now, who's the next maggot

George Washington, he wore a wig like a (faggot)

Just like Rock Hudson (yeah)

Him and Liberace' both like butts and dicks

Gobbled up nuts like chicks

T-Bones on the mutherfuckin' mix

Don't talk about Bird and all his scorin'

Cause I'll say Magic, Ewing, Jordon

Olajuwon, Isiah and Barkley

[Now bitch don't start me]

You ask me if I like Arsenio (bone you tell 'em)

Mutherfucker NO!!

Take it from the Lench Mob (yeah)

Elvis is Dead as a Doorknob

Never been caught, for all the songs he stole

[And you put James Brown on parole?]

I know the deal - you hate to see the Black race

Win the mutherfuckin race

Cause you still think we're Negroes

But I say - fuck you and your heroes!

Fuck You And Your Heroes /

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