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Da Shit Ya Cant Fuc Wit

I promise the funk the whole funk and nothin' but the funk...Yoooooohoo

Chorus: I be Da B-R-A-T the new lady wit dat shit ya can't fuck wit (say 2x)

Verse 1:

Uh, fool sittin' all fat brat tat tat tat (bitch and its like that)

Well let me lift you to the sky

Just climb aboard the B-R-A-T ride

Those with no love I stay about like GOD

Quick to pull ya trigga nigga quick to pull ya card

And it don't stop and it don't quit

In ninety-fo I be the sho shot shit

And in years to come shit ain't gonna change

Sosodef, you know the name of the game

And those that say they don't, nigga bitch please

Cuz, we be known for makin' dem Geeees

Settin them swole, steady going gold

Whateva we release, whateva we unfold

So now you know in ninety-fo who's the shit

And who's got the shit dat you just can't fuck wit


Verse 2:

Well yo, I ain't no joke never have never will be

Down your whole block you can feel me

All I do is keep fucking it up

The doper my shit the bigger my come up

Now tell me have you ever heard a female vocalist

Swift like this that kick shit like this?

I don't think so, I don't think you know

No hoe that can flow like I flow

And plus if you like it rough and rugged then you love it

Play it say it day to day you never ever get enough of it (WOOOOOOO)

Ain't I ridiculous its dat bad mamma jamma

Like hammer you can't touch this

(Don't fuck wit) My shit (nor) my click

(Don't even trip) Cuz you bound to get split....Biiitch

Ain't no thang ain't no thang

For me to put it down and make you motherfuckas swang

Bridge: Di di di dah di di di dah di day

All you suckas anxious won't yo

Да Брат

Da Shit Ya Cant Fuc Wit / Да Брат

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