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We Here (intro)

[Babs] We love this Diddy, you know what I'm saying, you you worked the shit out of us dog, I

ain't gon fuck', no I'm tried as hell

[Chopper & Dylan] C.h.o.p....p.e.rrrraa

[Babs] Shoutouts...Shoutouts to MTV baby, shoutouts to MTV

[Dylan] MTV top of respect

[Babs] Yo, we stood on long ass lines, ya'll

[Dylan] And big up the otha forty thousand that didn't make it, ya'll

[Babs] Long ass lines

[Fred] We meant to be here

[Babs] Big up Mysterious baby

[Ness] Holla at cha' boy

[Babs] Big up Walter, big up Jonessa

[Fred] Alright, ya'll are in this motherfucker, wit Da Band, tryin' to keep this thing right

here gutter, we trying not to curse at you motherfuckers, but cha'll don't been living in our

lives, and ya'll don't watch the show, so this is how it goes down wit Da Band...

We Here (intro) /

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