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My Life

[Sara in background saying welcome]


This Crazy

I'm Thankful


Welcome Welcome


Life is what you make it

you gotta put in hard work

yea cant let nobody hold you down baby

[Verse 1 (Ness)]

hit tha bricks chicks like damn where you been lord

locked up wit a bad case of hemorriods

writtin n fightin trifflin rhymes

about tha life n tha times wit niggaz on tha grind

white collared criminals climb the corporate ladder

while niggaz like me gotta sell coke n crack

riskin my freedom boxed up missin a season

itz a setup hypothetically speakin

even my pops was knocked ova tickets for speeding

drinkin n drivin i aint forget he think i forgot him

my mom got grey hairs from worrying sick

and my sister got a house now pushing a stick

just a lil something to get her from a to b

ya'll got nowhere to go come and stay wit me

wit a niece and a nephew dat love me to death

my little brother nick i guess he'z loving whatz left

[Chorus (Sara)]

Life is what u make it

though it may sound basic

going through some bad times

while were faithful for the goodtimes yea

though we must build up tha strength to carry on

welcome to my world

welcome welcome

[Verse 2 (Fred)]

I remember 1 morning when i was cooking tha O out tha blue i heard a knock @ tha door

i looked through tha peep whole and itz a feen n he needed some coke

and at tha time i really needed his dough

but i know the rules

you never sell crack where you rest at

cuz haterz send shellz where ya chest at

in my case them motherfuckers sent shellz where my vest at

found ou ti aint dead give dem a spot to rest at

i found out bout

My Life /

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