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How Come

[Chorus: Eminem]

How come we dont even talk no more

And you dont even call no more

We dont barely keep in touch at all

And I dont even feel the same love when we hug no more

And I heard it through the grape vine we even beefin now

After all the years we been down

Aint no way no how, this bullshit can be true

We family and aint a damn thing changed, unless it's you

[Verse 1: Eminem]

So young, so full of life in vibrant side by side wherever you weres ridin i went

So close, almost on some bonnie and clyde shit

When ronnie died you weres right by my side with a sholder to cry on

Tissue to wipe my eyes, and a bucket to catch every tear i cried inside it

You even had the same type of childhood i did

Sometimes i just want to know why is it that you surcame to yours

And mine i survived it, you ran the streets, i 9 to 5'd it

We grew up, grew apart, as time went by us, then i blew up

To both yours and mine surprises

Now i feel the vibe i just cant describe it

As much as your pride tries to hide it

Your cold, you touch its like ice

In your eyes is the look of resenment

I can sense it, and i dont like it


[Verse 2: Kon Artis]

It was my dream at first to be on spittin a verse

On my own album with a deal but shit got burst

So i came out i woulda killed a nigga first

Before i let him disrespect me and check me over some worste

Some bitch that i wasnt with i would hit her then quit

But you would pull a talk with her and tell her she was the shit

I told you dont get involved in it, you was smokin the chron with her

Comin out of the bar with her stumblin half drunk

Like yall was husband and wife or somethin

But me catchin you fuckin other niggers musta hurt you pride or somethin



How Come / D12

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