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6 In The Morning

[Intro: Eminem]

Good mornin

Haha, wake your mother fuckin asses up

Yo what is the what?

Well come on then, you know what time it is

Stop sleepin on my roof bitch!

[Verse 1: Eminem]

For whatever it's worth it's worth me havin my ass whipped

Cause I'ma have the last lift that ever gets ass squished

I just can't get past these little pissants

That wanna be rauny bad asses so bad

And they so mad they can't stand it

Cause we can and they can't spit (Haawk)

And they can't handle it like a man

And that's when it just happens

And I snap and it's a wrap, and it's a scrap an then it isn't crap is it?

Hip-Hop isn't a sport anymore when you got to go and resort back into that shit

Maybe I'm old fashioned but my pashion

Is to smash anyone rappin without havin a slappin

Believe me I'd much rather pick up a pencil than a pistol but I'm pissed now

But it all depends on just how far it get's took on the mic

Cause I'm tellin you right now your not gonna like it

Cause if I get pushed over the edge then I'm pullin you with me

You poke a stick at a big boy you get bit B

These words stick to you like crazy glue

When you diss me cause they just bounce off me like bullets do fifty!

I'm the beatiful-est thing and your gonna miss me when I'm gone

Like Kieth Murry when he threw a stool and hit a girl acci-dently (argghhh!!)

I do this for Swifty, Kon and Kuniva, Bizzy


6 In The Morning / D12

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