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One Night Stand

job done

wanna have fun

gonna call my girls

gonna get my hair done

so i dress tight

wiv my heels high

and i think about the moves ima pull tonight

when i

roll up out front

guys lookin over like they want some

make way, sexy

for me and my ladies


hear the sound of the dj playin our jam

glass down

grab a man

move to the floor its time to get down

ding ding

first round

hand on my hips as we start to dip

close range

full clip

temptations, sensations,vibrations

my one night stand

act wild but i

got style cos i

aint sippin if it aint crystal

high class

nice ass

spend your money but i got my own cash

good vibes

so right

thankyou for the dance tonight

feel free baby

keep lookin cos u cant have me


i said

get up

get up

its a one night stand

hear i come again with my rymin slang

ride with the rythm as i flip this sound

flip this sound we gonna move around and

mmmmmmis-teeq were comin back again

love of the music inside your membrane

im gonna burn u wiv my lyrical flame

enter the game

come fllow me

its time to play

break down

dont u go and get the wrong impressin

its just a dancd, im wiv my girlfriends hangin out

to mislead u wasnt my intention

nothin more to say

chorus (x2


One Night Stand / D12

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