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[Intro: Kon Artis]



This time we're gonna do our thing (Huh)

Is that aiight wit y'all? (Yeah)

Its gotta be cuz we gon do it anyway

Ain't that right fellaz (Yeah)

Fellaz ain't that right (Yeah)


[Chorus: Kon Artis]

Tell ya people, that I'm the man

I can't be faded, there's been a change of plans

You can meet me at the barbershop (At the barbershop)

At the barbershop (At the barbershop)

You can meet me at the barbershop (C'mon, where?)

At the barbershop (At the barbershop)

[Kon Artis]

Well its friday afternoon and I just woke up (*burp-fart*)

That's right I just woke up

From an excruciating evening at work, woman so what

That its two-thirty-PM, I'm grown dammit straight up

And know when through my finger either I think it is time we bust, you know

Leave the premisis less you plannin' to cook, I mean it's

Three o'clock and I gotta gimme a cut for that

Big party tonight thrown at K-P Productions

And I don't wanna loose my spot

Cuz everybody know

Barbershop /

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