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25 Ta Life

It was a hot summer day I was dyin from the heat

Walkin up 118th street

Although I'm hot like stew

In the back of my mind it was a bottle of brew

Now a ice cold bottle would just quench my thirst

Or get some boom from the dread which ever one comes first

Now is it brew? (yeah) or is it boom? (yeah)

So I lit up the boom and now may I presume? (yeah)

Now about 3 o'clock I had to meet my crew

I looked at my watch and then I noticed it was half past 2

I saw these two honeys walkin down the avenue

And one of them said: all I think about is havin you

Now in my mind I realized I coulda took her, coulda took her

But Nice is not the one to treat the ladies like a hooker

Don't mean to diss, but it's not on my list

So I gave her a kiss and said: ehm, good-bye, miss

From the streets I heard a horn beep

There was a crew 4 deep in a dark blue jeep

I heard em speak, he said: my ride is fat

So why you're sweatin D-Nice, baby, he ain't all that

Now first things first, why all the rude behaviour

You shoulda been taught how to respect this flavor

He jumped out the jeep like yo, what up chief

But I don't eat pork, so I guess he wanted beef

I realized I was on my own

I didn't proceed to make a move until a blow was thrown

He swung but missed, I caught him with a fist

Although I wish it didn't have to come to this

I started breakin him down with the speed, had him astounded

The right caught his jaw and it sounded

Like boom boom bap boom bam

He had no idea that D was nice with his hands

He stepped back, so I thought he was through

But right about now up steps his crew

We all threw down and went round for round

I'm givin it all I had to give until I fell face down

They proceeded to stomp but in all of the madness

Somehow someway I was damn sure glad this

Person slid me a pistol from behind

Not the weasel, pop-pop-pop goes the 9

So if you're wonderin why you ain't heard word of them

I (murder them murder them)

But since I pulled the trigger I guess I have to pay the price

Pushin 25 to life

25 Ta Life /

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