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On Point

featuring Big Punisher Eighball


Yeah Yeah (Heavy D: Uh huh)

Eightball the fat mack in the house you know what I'm talking about

(Heavy D: Big Shots)

Space Age representing you know what I'm talking about

(Heavy D: You feel this?)

Big Pun up in here you know what I'm talking about

(Heavy D: Uh)

Heavy D (Heavy D: Eightball is you ready my nigga)

Fat Mack (Heavy D: Big Pun is you ready my nigga)

We gonna do this you know what I'm talking about

Sure, poor, bloor, this how we do

(Heavy D: Hev Digga born ready my nigga)

Heavy D, set it up

[Heavy D]

Big Gentlemen

Asshole full of Benjamins

New millenium

New Bentley then, a sort addition

Gorgeous women

Swimming in 'em

Cinnamon with denim

Diva pigeons

Peep the glissin'

Y'all don't listen

See what you missin'

Diggy, double shot a henny

All about the ammo NeY

Bubble like no any

Diamond lipped


Seducing chicks

Selective whips

Consecutive hits

I break sun with Pun

Crew hall with Ball

Screw all of y'all

We the bigshots

Heavy rotation

Every location

Smoke stogies with roadies on the corner in front of Bodega's

World famous

You gon' love us or hate us

You the type that'd scuff up my gators

Because of my papers

Been about my glitter

So you killin my jaw

DAMN can't a nigga live homeboy?


[Big Punisher]

You on point Hev(Heavy on 4th repeat)

[Heavy D]

I'm on point Pun

You on point Ball


I'm on point what


Days and days

Blazing green shades

Of sticky haze

Remember Eightball from doin' it the player way

Turn it up and we gon' rock it 'till the track stops

Make the club seem hotter than a crack spot

Players pushin' poetry like it's a kilo

Keep my jewelry froze

Like my name's Sub Zero

Pimp 'till I'm gone thug living ain't new to me

Love me a ghetto girl and everything she do to me

Presidential suites and Bezo's turn 'em out

Pass 'em through the clique until everybody burn 'em out

How you lovin' that icin' on the cake right

Miami girls hit that white and shake it all night

Slab riders, chrome twinkies

Smokin' sticky

Iced pinky

With some styles flipping with me

Memphis, let me break it down for you pal

Makin' easy money pimping hoes in style


[Big Punisher]

It's me, BP

From the middle of little Italy

With Eightball and Heavy

Diddly diddly diddly dee

Its no surprise

How we pulverize

All you smaller guys

Fronting that you live but we oversize

Holding knives to you neck

All my nines and my techs

Shine on but get strive for the best

Take time to perfect

Every rhyme that I kick

I should get a sign on my dick

"I don't got time for them chicks"

They be tryin' to resist

Everytime I insist

They submit

Bitch don't be lying on my prick

I'm too quick for your lies and deception

Hold your eyes in my direction

If you strive for perfection

Just watch the pro

But its like a chore

You gotta cap and go

Feel the most

Catch me next time I gotta rock a show

Gots to go

I'll be back and some other fat chick

Peace to the Bronx, a mother in this rap shit

[Chorus] to fade out

On Point /

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