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King For A Day

Everyone's creeping up to the money god,
putting tongues where they didn't ought to be.
On stepping stones of human hearts and souls,
Into the land of ";nothing for free.";

Well the way that we're living,
Is all take and no giving,
There's nothing to believe in,
The loudest mouth will hail the new found way,
to be king for a day.

Everyone's licking up to the new king pin,
Trying to get way up with a smile.
Sing for your supper boy and jump to a finger click,
Ain't my way of living in style.

'Cause the ladder gets longer,
And ambition gets stronger,
I can't satisfy the hunger,
That bad old moon has got you in its sway,
To be king for a day.

You're only here once so you got to get it right.
(No time to fuss and fight.)
'Cause life don't mean much if measured out with someone else's plight.


King For A Day / XTC

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