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Goodbye Time

Goodbye Time

It?????™s your life

You say you need a change

Don?????™t all the dreams we?????™ve seen come true

Mean anything

You say it?????™s different now

And you keep staring at the door

How can you walk away

Don?????™t I matter anymore


If being free

Is worth what you leave behind

And if it?????™s too late

For love to change your mind

Then it?????™s goodbye time

If we had known

Our love would come to this

We could have saved our hearts

The hurt of wasted years

Well it?????™s been fun

What else can I say

If the feeling?????™s gone

Words won?????™t stop you anyway

(repeat chorus)

Конвей Твитти

Goodbye Time / Конвей Твитти

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