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Real Nigga Quotes (feat. Dug Infinite)


One two, one two, one two

Yo, I be the Big Illinois, here to build and destroy

I come on your deck, on your set

On your strip, through your burrough

Rippin any muthafucka that steps towards me

Yeah, I got power like floors be

Yo, check it out y'all

Real nigga quotes I tote, got some shit on the free but

This some shit that I wrote, legendary like the goat

Who got game?

Giving a quarter rest while I make these quarter notes

My album, niggaz was expectin, now my water broke

Before it, I was sorta broke

Get the paper for the funnies, sports and the horoscope

On a curry goat, like flu stokes order coke

You sharp with your rings and chain but you short a rope

At the end of the road trip still, I'ma hold shit down like syndrome

Rappers are like Fox Brown tryin to get home

Rarely get your touchdown, I'm in the end zone

You can't honor what I'm on, then bitch nigga, get gone

From the wind storm, I've been told the street folklore

Body language spoke raw, don't talk to broads that are spoke for

That provokes war, stand out like cold sores

You claim that you hard but you wholecore

George Bush and CIA, you movin old or

Write like mention for publishin but you sold yours

chorus: Dug Infinite

Com got rhymes, Dug make beats

Style complete, plus unique, the shit be sweet

(on the real)You know the shit be real(x5)

(down on the real to real)


Chicka-chicka-M-chicka-C-chicka-M and my

People call me Com and collective with prospective

I draw crowds, go off like car alarm sounds

Bomb like 'Nam sounds, tell yo bitch to calm down

Unless you want to get me skull askin me to take my hat off

On ill raps, I spit as if I had a bad cough


Real Nigga Quotes (feat. Dug Infinite) / Common

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