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The Light (Remix) (feat. Erykah Badu)


[Erykah Badu]

There are times.. when you'll need someone..

I will be by your side..

There is a light, that shines,

Special for you, and me..

I never knew a luh, luh-luh, a love like this

Gotta be somethin for me to write this

Queen, I ain't seen you in a minute

Wrote this letter, and finally decide to send it

Signed sealed delivered for us to grow together

Love has no limit, let's spend it slow forever

I know your heart is weathered by what studs did to you

I ain't gon' assault em cause I probably did it too

Because of you, feelings I handle with care

Some niggaz recognize the light but they can't handle the glare

You know I ain't the type to walk around with matchin shirts

If relationship is effort I will match your work

I wanna be the one to make you happiest, it hurts you the most

They say the end is near, it's important that we close..

.. to the most, high

Regardless of what happen on him let's rely


Yo, yo, check it

It's important, we communicate

and tune the fate of this union, to the right pitch

I never call you my bitch or even my boo

There's so much in a name and so much more in you

Few understand the union of woman and man

And sex and a tingle is where they assume that it land

But that's fly by night for you and the sky I write

For in these cold Chi night's moon, you my light

If heaven had a height, you would be that tall

Ghetto to coffee shop, through you I see that all

Let's stick to understandin and we won't fall

For better or worse times, I hope to me you call

So I pray everyday more than anything

friends will stay as we begin to lay

this foundation for a family - love ain'


The Light (Remix) (feat. Erykah Badu) / Common

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