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Car Horn (feat. Mark The 45 King)

I'm the C-O to the double M O to the N

You heard, motherfucker? Well boy I hit ya again

Official bald nigga from the City of Winds

Stay doing it, doing it, I am doing it (Repeat 2x)

What the fuck is going down? Nigga you sound

Like a real bitch right now, the pound

I gave you I knew I shouldn't have gave you

Before you was a hoe now you think the money made you

A slave to the rhythm, indentured servant to wisdom

Clinton is the pres but I voted for Shelly Chisom

In a poetical prison, I'm visiting self

For hours, coward niggas get shanked for kicking

Pussy raps, radio is like CO's they try to push me back

I rip cats out of they suits, give them they hoodies back

I from the hood we stack back fist


Car Horn (feat. Mark The 45 King) / Common

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