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All Night Long (feat. Erykah Badu)

[Common (with Badu singing in background)]

Yeah.. wanna feel the vi-ah-hi-hibe

Wanna feel the vibe, wanna feel the vi-ibe!

Uhhh.. wanna, what? Yeah

Wanna, what? Uhh, yeah (come on)

Every-bod', c'mon, uhh

Yo, yo.. (all night long)


Durin divine hours, I use mind power to refine

flourflower girls, and make em feel like black pearls

Get they minds off acryllic nails and the rap world

It's a lot you can find in the lost black girl

Made signs built in lodges, we be in garages

Discussin who we boned and who God is

Pro-black like Craig Hodges with my dashikis in the cleaners

I kick it for the Chevy ridin head to backstreet leaners

[Erykah Badu (with Common)]

Allllll.. (uhh) niiiiiight.. (yea yea, what?) [HAH]

Allllll.. [HUH, UHH] niiiiiight.. (whatcha say now Bee, what?)

Allllll.. (yeah, yeah yeah) niiiiiight.. [AOW! Aoww-owwww]

(to freak it with the) Allllll.. (now let me get a piece of this)

(let me get a piece Bee) niiiiiight..


Check it, check it

I was born underwater with three dollars and a cocktail

Tryin to make the Garden of Eden, out of Auckdale and Rockwell

Lock'd in this Grid like a Tupac tale

While her-on rock smells make the cops tail

My third eye is my rail, on this Illa-thought

With afrocentric stamps I'm mailin thoughts

to my Gods held in court

I dwell where rebellion's taught, and emotions seldom walk

I try to Walk Like an Egyptian, with Hieroglyphics spelled in chalk

I guess the hustlin is the unspoken Gospel

Love that I'm an apostle, feel the holy spirit of Chicago

E Bottom, here's the bottle

I think I, need a cup of a tea, because I'm novel

(come on bay-bayyy) Bust it

[Erykah Badu]



All Night Long (feat. Erykah Badu) / Common

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