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Reminding Me

[Featuring Chantay Savage]


Yeah, yeah, what, yeah

Reminding me of Sef, what?

Fat fat thick booty, what?

You say jack that big booty, yo

He say OOH OH

I heard the boy he said OOH OH

The party people he said OOH OH

Uhh uh uh uhh yo yo yo

Check it, check it

Driftin on a memory, brought forth

from a fifth of Hennesey, as in times

of eighty-nine they envision me

Warm days and the cold beer chemistry

Eventually broken up by responsibilities and such

Sometimes this era mentally I reconstruct

High school I came out it

Cats with clout at graduation got they name shouted

Go to Great America, me and my lady rock the same outfit

My niggaz be fuckin girls that she hang out with

Round then Guy came out with, 'Piece of My Love'

Arguin over if he said, "Dumb bitch"

Everyday the same old with rainbow, watchin the sun twist

Cool as a Mig Dry, that in the trunk shit

Afterparties in Wendy's parkin lot, unfamiliar faces got marked a lot

Showin off for hoes in bricks and rows had us charged to box

That demo sorta stopped once A.C. got popped

Chorus: Chantay Savage

It's remind-ing... mmm whooahhh yeahhh

It's remind-ing... heyyeahhahh, uh-huh


Check it

Before these minds got ahold to some drugs

and start thinkin they thugs

We'd be at the Bismarck, and the Racquetball club

Plugged with Gucci promotion so we got in free

Against the wall me and my guys formed a colony, Ron'll be beatin

Saved my day, dancin on speakers

Flames snatched I was born this way

87th Street and Hyde Park was warrin

Over gossip, Kenwood bras was pourin

Suited in three-quarter Jordans, pro-models

and started coach out the back of Beauty Shop Sevalas

Buy the dope, put my name in they verse, EPMD

I would quote, stolen leathers I'd sell, like a child of broke

behind the beat, I took my first shot of Henny

It hit me in the chest like when them marks shot Benji

Shame on the girl that left her Fendi around crew

I'da go through it or, take it, we was bound to

Travellin like Vice Lords, down to the taste

Not wantin to bring my lady around crew cause they would snake

House parties was the lick, behind bars we'd come up

at em' I did the Hooper dance with my thumbs up



There go the break

To get the break go, it go OOH OH

Yeah, it go OOH OH

You heard the people they go oh oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh

Yo, check it, check it

Nowadays niggaz is fake, like that party at McCormick Place

I don't draw with em, cause they was born to trace

At times I contemplate movin to a warmer place

Then the Lake and skyline, give me a warm embrace

remindin me of the pointed parties Moe used to mace

Six deep in the Hyundai bumpin Twilight Tone tapes

Come home late callin broads hang up on they mother

If it wasn't nowhere to scrap at then we would fight each other

Get a room at the Dunes havin bakeouts

We'd eat, at Giadonno's and break out

Then everybody thought that they could spend

High rollers had the MCM blazer blend

Girbauds and Guess jeans we was takin in

Cranes and freight trains we was breakin in

Tim a be basin Mike down at I.I.T.

Rememberin numbers depended on how high I'd be

It's a Deja-Brew, when I see bottles of Gill

My man Sef passed I feel hollow but still



Reminding Me / Common

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