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Payback is a Grandmother


Yo.. I don't know what was on y'all niggaz birds(?)

to go up to the boat - and start robbin old folks

Now see you done messed with the wrong old lady

You done went wild; yo, check it..

There was a Hardy Boy mystery I tried to solve again

Dude that broke in my crib - it wasn't involvin him

Four in the mornin, my phone ringin

I'm thinkin, "Who da fuck is this," on the other line screamin

Told em, "Keep(?) down," but they was breathin hard

It was my grandmother tellin me that she had been robbed

I told her hold (hold) tight (tight), I'd be right over

Freezin but this situation made the night colder

Knew this was the night (that what?) that she played poker

with some friends in a club at the boat gettin bub'

Said she seen these thugs on the boat for a while (uhh)

Not gamblin but every now and then they'd smile

Then BLAOW! They had(?) Mag's

and told everybody, "Put your shit in the bag"

Made people strip naked, quicker than a Luke record (what?)

Had the place took in a minute and some seconds

Asked her how many of it was em? (How many of it was em?)

Said she couldn't remember

She was spooked and buzzin, couldn't describe em

cause it happened too fast (what?) said they looked like me

with they pants hangin off they ass

Got her some water - and begin to think

How these niggaz take her wig, her bracelet and her mink?

Somebody round the crib know the deal (uhh)

Whoever did it better have Blue Shield for real

cause yo, it's the big payback..

{*cuts n scratches*, Com ad-libs}


Later that day I went to the 'shop, to see what was up

Them niggaz probably knew somethin plus I needed a cut

Walked in they was playin Jigga (jihh-gga..)

Discussin how Da Brat titties done got bigger

These niggaz next to me, was talkin bout the heist

Whoever did it even got Jordan for his ice

Said that it was done so precise the cops ain't know nut-nin

Had to use all my might not to ask no questions

Put down the magazine, went to the pop machine

Noticin these cats, had the Bling Bling

They wouldn't be talkin if they did it; it could be they team

A week ago neither one of these niggaz had a ring

This Hype(?) came in, sellin CD's; said the BD's

was braggin bout robbery they had done

By now, I'm thinkin bout my gun if I see gramps bracelet

I'ma play racist (and what?) and make niggaz run

It's the big payback..

{*cuts n scratches*, Com ad-libs}


My imagination roamed as I got in the chair

Thinkin - when shit went down, I was I was there

Fuckin with fam' - who you are, I don't care

Have your guys pourin liquor witch'ya name in they swear

These chicks claim they was there, knew the niggaz who done it

Said it was Smoke and them from the Wild 100's

Eight million stories got me runnin in place, it's gettin tricky

(like who?) like dude, that do drum'n'bass

There was a air in the place, that made me suspicious

Normally, they'd be talkin like bitches

My barber cut me with a quickness (what?)

Asked him where he got the new bracelet;

he said it was his sister's - I knew then

What made it official, he gave me my change

The money clip had gramp's initials (c'mon)

As I, whooped his ass up, six niggaz masked up

Pulled up in a Cadillac truck {*gunfire*}

[police scanner]

.. three-alarm fire ?? and a possible homicide

The building is entitled "The Ultimate Barbershop"

There are six unidentified bodies in the building

They are all presumed dead

I repeat they are all presumed dead

However there are no suspects

I repeat the subjects are at large

we might need some backup..

Inform O'Malley that we need backup, over..

The skit definitely needs more ?? added to it

plus a new writer for the script, thank you..

Someone get Prince Paul on the phone please..


Payback is a Grandmother / Common

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