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In My Own World (Check The Method)

[Featuring No I.D.]

("Yeah yeah, now check the method" - Extra P from ATCQ's _Keep It


* cut and scratched 4X by Mista Sinister

Verse One: No I.D.

No time to get all excited, just write it

from the inside let the pen slide, and spread

the ink on the papyrus, come understand this (what?)

Paint the canvas, givin you my vision

To mold you, compose you

Get a picture of the scene, then get an exposure

Words out my cipher, the life of my circle

Train tracks aside of me, Cabrini to Idabi, don't lie to me

You want me in your needle

Squirt me in your vein, maintain on the couch

I excite your brain till I'm out of your system

Be digger not a nigger or a niggerole I figure you're

the winner of the bread, precede your thoughts

'fore they come into your head (yo kid kinda nice!)

From the word, I speak, unique, clear and concise

Heads I'm boring, soaring to a new height of flight

And then fight the night

With a light to gain sight make your competition say AIGHT

No I.D. from the city with a bridge on thirty-first

Makin all butt crews disperse

Chorus: repeat 4X

[No I.D.] I'm in my own world ("Yeah yeah, now check the method")

Verse Two: Common

[No I.D.] ("Check the method") I'm in my own world

I say pay attention boy, I say UHH looka here

I want you to see me when you do you look and fear

I dilate pupils it's cornea than a retina

My Book of Life you felt it, because of the texture

When I'm bubbly I call the ex ta, see if she still love me

I'm advanced like a copy studs be on my sac to dub me

CHEAP ASS NIGGAZ! Go and purchase it

I ain't do all this work for shit

my style's my child I gave birth to it

Like an immaculate conception, clean I came

Went through label pains, didn't give shorty a name

I put, bros before hoes that's the way love and life goes

It's a Jungle out there but I'm never Fever-in for them white hoes

I love black thighs, you sisters better realize

The real hair and real eyes get real guys

So before you makeup your face, you better make up your mind

I hope you wake up in time for the revolution, or you gon be like

"I can't believe it! I got shot!"

Bowe/bo so I lick one, not for Riddick

But I got the Rid, for my dick

And the crab MC's that be all over it

Huh, what good is the Rid without the comb?

I'm the street pick peace to Nick, Tim, Mark and Sekendall

I remember me and Deion tried to get into Mendal

I didn't have No I.D., they wouldn't let me in

Now them same gumps be askin me to get them in

I be like, "You don't know me... fool"

And color it purple, cause he ain't in my circle

Now I'm talkin square biz to you and I'm out

I'm in my own world


In My Own World (Check The Method) / Common

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