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Funky For You

Chorus: Bilal, Jill Scott

Alright.....Okay [4X']

Alright......We'll make it funky for you now


I'm a child of the ahh - The 87 ahh

From the streets - Get on a beat and go ahh

I could break it down like whatever ya ahh

On some K-R-S be here forever type unh

You-you-you-you know you shouldn't rhyme like unh

Let them pussy niggas get in your mind like unh

Baby boy you could do it take your time do it....

If you get the chance

To be a man in a b-boy stance and advanced from the go

I'll trace outer space with a unh

The baby-sitter of styles - I've traveled miles with

bitches and....I've traveled miles with.....

I've traveled miles with bitches and brew the ritual

of the real unh

Your platinum but real unh's don't feel you

You sampled real unh's and then filtered

I'm built to last - at last I'm free

The Roots and SV be the family tree

SV and the Roots be the family tree

The Roots and SV and the tree is unh

Come on


As long as it's funky....alright..okay [yeah]

As long as it's funky...alright

As long as it's funky...alright...okay

As long as it's funky...funky for you now

I style for the ohhh - wild for the ohhh

Baby girl let's go half on a child for the ohhh

Lick shot's pop lock and blaow for the oohh

Like Ra-I'll move a crowd for the ohhh

You talkin' loud but ain't sayin' ohhh

Trickin' paper on a unh... Captain Save-a-ohhh

I've never been.. the type of nigga..

to take.. a broad to the courts

As a shorty I was always into sports

Now I talk to drums and walk in slums and thoughts that's ohhh

Instinct to hustle-divided by the struggle

Plus a couple of scuffle's and up to high shuffle

Even when it sound muffled..

I bust through.. narrow gates..

with king-sized thoughts that's sparrow shaped

Before I came up I had to elevate

Let a nigga move where he wanna move up to

You don't like how I'm livin... well fuck ohhh

I stuck to what I was on... a star is born on a cusp

Many angel's fell to the dust

Leavin' me to trust... only a ohhh

Leavin' me to trust y'all only a ohhh

Leavin' me to trust in a - ahh ohhh ohhh ohhh



Chorus: repeat 4X

As long as it's funky [yeah]


Let your.. imagination.. dance to the..

Dance to the.. dance to the hey

Like nobody's watchin in a b-boy stance to the hey

I'm funky like Africans in France to the hey

Yo hey.. kick in the bass you..

Chasin paper like a bitch in a race

Spit on or death, I still ain't picked up the ace

The hundred.. styles I run with thick in the race

So let's ohhh.. yeah unh hunh



Funky For You / Common

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