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Blows to the Temple

Check it

We can go, toe to toe, with the blows to the temple (NOT)

Not the Temple of Doom, so make room

for the Unamerican Caravan (who you down with?)

The B-Boys, Immenslope, Twilite Tone, Derrick and then some

I don't get rid of some faces

while marks be lookin hard, and they be beggin bases

They have too many cases, and now they got courage

Sorta like Goldilocks, tryin to take Pop's porridge

But I got, the story straight

Plus the name, I got rep, don't dare sleep

Slept and got, crept

An AC/DC spider went up the wall we mount

Now came down the Common the Common Sense, and now the spider out

(BOOM) A blackout, power failure

I ain't the Burger King, but I got a whale of blows

uppercuts jabs hits and hey niggaz

Cause I'm weird they call me Lemonhead, but I'm a Jawbreaker

and I break a Bean, but I'm not from Boston

I'm stronger, and faster, than Steve Austin

Common'll keep the camera movin -- I'm kinda fast!

I'm from a town called FRESH OFF A NIGGAZ ASS

And I'm about to go on like Stephanie Mills

YOU MUST be poppin pills, tryin to step to me

Cause to the left of me, WE got the U-A-C (whattup)

And comin up to the right of me, WE got the U-A-C (come on)

And in back of me, yo WE got the U-A-C

And in front of me (BAW!) is a dead man G!

We hit em hard!


Kick it

A duck tried to buck, but the vic got vicked

so I picked him, he's another victim of a circumstance

He did a dance like Ali (SAY WHAT?)

But he floated like a waterfly and stung like a C

Ya see, I ain't out here, tryin to be a bully

Nor am I pretendin to be a two-shoes goodie

(WORD IS BOND) that I got big balls homes

And if a player try to press me, I gotta break the zone

Here to stage a, OOH SHIT, up in the sky

You better watch out, I'm tellin you why

Common Sense is breaking, marks down, ah-follow-me-now

Yo Common Sense is breaking, marks down

Uhh, check it, check it, check it

I huff and I puff and I blow (WHAT?)

the motherfuckin house down, I guess you didn't know!

Homeskillet, WHERE YA BEEN? Are you the boy in the plastic bubble?

Ooh you in trouble!

A tisket a tasket, you're gonna get your ass kicked

You better know what's in my jacket, fuck the basket

Oh, God damn CHILD, I mean it's drastic

You end up on a stretched cause I stretch you like Plastikman

Fuck with me ("you end up the in the cas-ket")

You flow ass pussy nigga, sucker duck bastard

(Yo Common calm down, you gots to calm down!)

This Grape tried to step to me, with his arms down

Lesson number one - when you're ready to throw

never step up talkin - that's like tryin to pitch, but you're balkin

And I'ma steal first, hide the base, but you base

You can call me Pencil Petey cause the marks I ERASE

In case of emergency, it's urgent see, that you see a doctor

You tried to Gamble, but I'm the Proctor

I knock that ass, bringin it down and then slash

Tried to play me with a skit, but now you got a gash

you character, for ya inherit a, neck brace

Makin ya thousand deaths times worser than a Screwface

But they call me Screwneck and I do wreck shit

So next time he push up in the jam, BOY YOU BETTER EXIT

Late Show in the house

U-A-C in the house

7-D in the house

R-T-A in the house

True B-Boys in the house

Dem Dere Dyslexics in the house

And we gonna fuckin blow the house down

Check it, hit em with a

Blood clot boy, you get bucked, tryin to fuck with the

Mario, Super Super Brothers like Mario

Here the Common, sucker clucks (what we do?)

Mission upon the loves, gettin kisses, and hugs

but then we runnin to a scrub that tried to bug

He's out to get some what they call em stunts because we bunt

(WHAT?) But I don't bug, I just slide her, and hit her

Some be rumpy chump, with the chat chat chitter

Yo we did her but I betcha know I'm better on it

Now you got a 100 percent beef, it's just a beatdown

(UH UH AHH!) Too late to try to be down

Brother your best bet, is to cover your eyes, like Dee Brown

(Cause it's a bum bum bum, bum-rush)

And if I ask who popped shit, the Caravan gotta bus

Sing it ("on that defense")

But our bumrush is well done, not medium rare

It's rare to see, an enemy within play

True indeed a lot of shit, is over he say she say

Me say, Warriors come out and play

And I'ma tear shit up and leave it like the day, after

And after we go around, and you hit the ground

then you know I'm down with the Blows to the Temple

* shout outs *


Blows to the Temple / Common

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