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Hang In Long Enough

The signs are getting clearer, clearer than you need

The writing's on the wall, for you to see

You never thought you'd ever get the taste

You never thought that it could be this good

Just tell me what you want and I'll find the key

Reach out and touch it's all yours.

If you hang in long enough, you'll do it

Just hang in long enough

You're down on the ground , or so you say

You'd sell the hole in your pocket, if you could find a way

Don't ask me how I know, you don't wanna hear

It's been a long hard road, and the end is getting near.

You never thought you'd ever get the chance

You never thought your break would come along

If you tell me what you want, I'll find the key

Just reach out and touch it's all yours

If you hang in...

They always say

The best things in life are free

But you want to have everything

Well you're going to have to beg if you want it all.

So hang in long enough, you'll do it

Hang in long enough

They'll let you out, the n pull you in

Playing hell with your emotions,

You'll feel like giving in.

So just hang in long enough...

Филипп Коллинз

Hang In Long Enough / Филипп Коллинз

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