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Ik does a dashik dozen

Ik does a yield gig does

Ik does alone cheyenne

Mad at them who tease him scrawling

(chorus 1)

And i knew deeper darlin

Idiom a deus is dos

Indeared look he loves it

Your elan new sub dearie

Says your supper should shout

As you eat up seisured

Evil oh it will

Evolve evil vamos a la

Repeat chorus 1

He tear them off, he tear them off

(he tear them off and eat the meal too)

Oh eat off your toe

(as you eat up)

Slow eat that meal, slow eat that meal

(slow eat that meal, no way down)

No way down, you're close

(chew too slow, you're close)

And how can you mock me

(how can you be in the nude)

When you're my friend

(when you're my friend)

He tear them off, he tear them off

(ik does ...?)

Oh eat off your toe

(chorus 2)

I know i need to tell you

All i've seen, all i catch

Put in the poster girl

And shake like dogs of tiding scholar

Repeat chorus 1

Repeat chorus 2

Cocteau Twins

Violaine / Cocteau Twins

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