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Pandora (for cindy)

(I'm in love with hers)

Our room, a hot and big and kick and burn our group

Attack our tacky home

(I'm in the lights with him)

I feel I'm cheating when I sing shudder

And can I and mourn and tis an arm for us

(I'm at home in the lance)

I feel I've been

(Ferdinand and was sad a lot in her house)

(Falling over hers)

Feed me you've pretended if I were you

To fall for her for little Ferdinand fast kettle

(Ferdinand and was sad a lot in her house)

For good for better Fred is dead will flee ill feef

Aloof from waft a coffee effort

(I'm at home in lance)

Falled on yanks

(Ferdinand and was sad a lot in her house)

Forty feet

Forty Franks

Fish fate

Fiss fate

Clean fish

Formidiable (x6)



And it in no one

(And) I've looked

And it in no one

Free emparted

Cocteau Twins

Pandora (for cindy) / Cocteau Twins

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