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Клифф Ричард Клифф РичардБританский исполнитель популярной музыки, который одним из первых среди англичан начал исполнять рок-н-ролл.

The Next Time

They say i'll love again someday

A true love will come my way the next time

But after you there'll be never be a next time

For me

They say that i'll find happiness in someone

Else warm caress the next time

I'll soon forget your kiss

And heartaches such as this will

Just be ancient history

They say that i'm a fool to weep, that

I won't go on losing sleep_the next time

And someone else will mend the heart you've

Broken_in two_

But how can i fall in love the next time

When i'm still so much in love_

With you

When i'm still so much in love_

With you

Клифф Ричард

The Next Time / Клифф Ричард

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