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Клифф Ричард Клифф РичардБританский исполнитель популярной музыки, который одним из первых среди англичан начал исполнять рок-н-ролл.

Help It Along

Some fine day we'll live

Together, give together.

One fine day,

A time beyond our time.

Come that day we'll make

It if we're strong,

So help it along, help it along,

Help it along.

Please don't laugh at me

When i tell you

I believe in love,

'cos it's still

The only thing that

There is too little of.

And it's a long time coming,

But come i'm sure it will

And just in time

The world will rhyme on

The far side of a hill.

On some fine......

....... help it along.

Клифф Ричард

Help It Along / Клифф Ричард

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