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Клифф Ричард Клифф РичардБританский исполнитель популярной музыки, который одним из первых среди англичан начал исполнять рок-н-ролл.

Healing Love

Hey my friend

I know too well

The pressures in this life are real

You gotta come out fighting

When they ring your bell

Stand up for the way you feel

You can't let it get you down

You can't let it make you run away

Got to keep your dreams alive

We can do it, but we'll only make it work together


When it all comes down to the push and shove

We can make it thru, we can rise above

'cos you know that we've got the power of

Healin' love

Talkin' 'bout healin' love

Now i can see

That you're feeling sad

Some one's chosen your heart to steal

Hey, my friend

You can take my hand

And i'll show your heart a power that's real

It will never let you down

It will always open any door

So pick the pieces off the ground

Because you may have lost the battle but we'll win

This war

Repeat chorus

So wipe away your tears, you can put away your gun

And get ready to receive the strongest medicine

Repeat chorus

Клифф Ричард

Healing Love / Клифф Ричард

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