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I never understand why you put up your hand

And volunteered to play the company man

You wanna come back you wanna have a crack

But the train is gone - it's never coming back

You should have realized by the ominous skies

That destiny was dealing you a joker old guy

Next time don't come don't pursue that something

You should've known better that you can't come

Every little trend that comes round the bend

Carries you aloft and you're getting soft

Struggles and sports under halogen quartz

One eye on the meter, one eye in the mirror

Its all getting dearer, it's all getting clearer

Come in peace with a sheep to fleece

Lamb noisette (?) says she won't forget but

She'll never remember if she is dismembered

Traitor / never understand / feel so good / feel so young

Should've realized by the ominous skies...

(repeat "traitor" and "should've realized..." except for one line saying "i feel like spring has sprung" till end)

The Church

Traitor / The Church

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