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The Time Being

Every day

As you notice the sun slips away

A strange turbulence fills the air

Gargoyles and winged monkeys

Descend into the city

Their teeth are bared, their claws outstretched

Down in the pit

I sense the unforgiving night rain down on the overworld

And its souls' unrest

As the temptation fades out

You jerk back into yourself

As if falling from a dream

Down comes the rain

Hot clear rain

Washing away our sins

Washing away the statues of sharon stone

Erosion of my solitude

Begins its race

And worms finally penetrating the warmth of my hiding place

Slithering in the blackness

All their coldness repels me

I use a .45 to give them some stick

Lightning and thunder cause the walls to shake

And someone searching through the debris

For the photograph of his wife

Oh i want life

I want it now and forever

I want to rise up out of this chamber and clamber into the sky

The Church

The Time Being / The Church

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