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The Moon And The Sea

The boat goes out, surrender yours

It could be any day

The fishermen shout, approaching storm

It's just like yesterday

Sometimes i can't tell what i'm doin' here

Am i s'pposed to be a clown or a buccanneer

From the vaguest clue to the faintest idea

A roman holiday

Chorus:surrender smiles, epiphanies

It's almost every day

And the sea's in my bed

And the moon's in my head

We live in a house upon the hill

Its just a mile away

We look out to sea

Dawn's early light

It chased the night away

Sometimes i can't tell if i'm you or me

Alone in this room with the moon and the sea

Listen to the space where she used to be

Another life away


The Church

The Moon And The Sea / The Church

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