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Someone Special

I said i've had visions of weeping

She said i've had the same about you

They come to me sometimes when i'm sleeping

I said that's a way for me too

Now it's been a long time and i don't have the mind

To justify what we've been through

Logic is fine and science can be kind

But it can't define me and you

Yet i thought i had something special to say

But this nightmarish world

Makes you throw your thoughts away

As though i was someone special today

We say why are the innocent bleeding

Is there not a thing we can do

They say please swallow this trust we are feeding

And don't worry, it's bad for you

Now it's been a long show and i thought you should know

It's time for us to play our hand

But words are much too slow they lost meaning years ago

Isn't that how this began

Some say now! the truth is before us

Others say oh no this is not real

Some say be cruel then they'll adore you

Others say you can't touch till you feel

Now its been a long trip and its only the tip

Of the iceberg i'm trying to melt

Our tickets have been ripped and you've got to bite your lip

When you think about the way that felt

The Church

Someone Special / The Church

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