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Well we had just begun

When the night came down

Sweating rain on everyone

Anyone who was hanging around

You say there's something strange going on

I cannot see a thing

And pretty soon then we'll be drenched to the bone

And my soul is freezing

And we really should decide

Who's taking who for this

Ride the bandwagon into the ditch

Smile for the many you shocked

Bless my soul and drop a stitch

Strike while the irony is hot

And i don't have much time

There's so much left to take

It'd hard to know what's genuine

And what's a genuine fake

I think there's something weird going on

Something unforeseen

The best impression of a succubus

That i have ever seen

Before we get too fried

Let's get on with the

Ride the ghost train now into the dark

Ride it right into the ground

Up through the suburbs, graveyards and parks

Going around and around

If i never see you again

That will be way too soon

And if i ever get over this

I will be over the moon

I hope that something new comes along

Something more my style

I hope that someone else comes along

And makes it worth my while

And it's lust and sloth and pride

That makes me want to

Ride the rollercoaster for all that it's worth

Live it all up to the hilt

If you can't take it with you

Away from this earth

Might as well take it full tilt

Ride the old horse through goldrush town

If that's the kind of company you keep

You're getting very tired and you need to lie down

I'll see you in your sleep

The Church

Lustre / The Church

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