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An open door, an extended hand,

What can i say, i understand

She talks like a bird yet she walks like a man

She'll be here tonight i understand

She hunts in a pack yet she ends up alone

She tells you its not alright darling, why'd you worship that stone ?


Hold me closer ladyboy, there's a rope that's dragging you out of this world

It doesn't care if you're heavy girl

Hold me closer ladyboy, if you look you can see that it's just you and me

There's nothing left of our world

So you think it's a sin, i bet it's a miracle

You think that you're safe, i tell you you're critical

The merciless gods who sometimes pour down their scorn

They cannot die and also cannot be born


An open door, an extended hand, what can i say - i understand

I understand, i understand, i understand


(guitar : pow ! zing ! :-)

The Church

Ladyboy / The Church

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