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Ancient History

Sometimes i wonder how i got mixed up with you

You just cannot comprehend the things that i do

The truth is so fragile, the ties are so true

Lying in the nettles where the blossoms once grew

So now you're asking what is this mystery

And all these questions, ancient history

Sometimes i wonder what is left to be said

If i'm consumed and fading will the children be fed?

The roof is always creaking, the stone has been bled

You say i'm just existing and you leave me for dead

Sometimes i can see your love is a sled

Sliding down the slopes that will lead to your bed

Some of us are white, some of us are red

Some have got these visions going 'round in our heads

As you go just blow a kiss to me

And as it falls, ancient history

Sometimes a joke can get out of hand

Laughing like a conqueror in a new land

Convinced down to his buttons this was how it was planned

Turns his back on ruins, that was nothing but sand

Crossing your alps the ice and cold blister me

And all the rest, ancient history

The Church

Ancient History / The Church

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