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All See It Now

You shouldn't have to feel so frightened

And you just wanna feel enlightened baby, in front of you

Oh my what love can do

You shouldn't have to hide in darkness

Its not such a good likeness baby, less of you

Oh yeah what love can do

And we all see it now

You talk a lot without a purpose

You walk around just like circus baby, is it true ?

That's what love did to you

You've got a friend who's very famous

I know you'd never ever shame us baby, but look at you

That's what fame can do

And we all see it now

You took a lot of people with you

And now expect them to forgive you, you're not through

That's what it means to you

And then you lie down on the sofa

You know you shouldn't really bother baby, i'm here too

That's what it does to you

And we all see it now

The Church

All See It Now / The Church

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