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Шарлотта Черч Шарлотта Черчклассическая певица, сопрано

Panis Angelicus

Panis Angelicus

Fit Panis hominum;

Dat Panis coelicus

Figuris terminum

O res mirabilis!

Manducat Dominum

Pauper, Pauper

Sevus et humilis.


Heavenly Bread

That becomes the bread for all mankind;

Bread from the angelic host

That is the end of all imaginings

Oh, miraculous thing!

This body of God will nourish

Even the poorest,

The most humble of servants.

Even the poorest,

The most humble of servants

Шарлотта Черч

Panis Angelicus / Шарлотта Черч

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