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Magician Among The Spirits

Far across the water, far across the sea, magician among the spirits, the next delivery

And the scene is set up, the boy who lost his mind, a sudden smell of ether as machines unwind

Universe of distant stars chilling in its failings

With planets spinning deep in space parading all its flavours

We sit and stare into the night and contemplate forever

Slip away into your dreams, conclude that we may never

Out and past the harbour where the sharks dream (stream ?) in the waves

Magician among the spirits is drowning in a cave

As solomon's my witness, as gabriel is my guard (god ?)

Garden of the lovely ones in the devil's back yard (?)

Hand of god sprinkle jewels inside the velvet ceiling

Filling up our unsure hearts with wonder, awe and feeling

All the eyes are staring down and glitter like small children

Their secrets kept, lost in thought, looking at what fueled them

Singing 'bout the old times, sepia and faded

Magician among the spirits the past has been invaded

Robert houdini in the distance, we look up through the water

See the comet's silver trail, see the planets falter

Vast science, eternal night shrouded in dark mazes

Runes and tunes preconceived flowing through their phases

Your air or cover (??) wind is dead, consequences endless

Speed of light and empty time your borders to defenders (?)

(marty's evil chuckle)

Walking in the wilderness with my pale sister

Magician among the spirits i said how much i miss her

Jackson on the slipstream, he's moving all around

Chasing tiny orphans, following the sounds, following the sounds

Fragile and delirious, cannot understand it

Magician among the spirits, electra and miranda

Passed you in a corridor you were drinking

The Church

Magician Among The Spirits / The Church

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