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For A Moment Were Strangers

In the empty place the soul stripped bare

Of skins and heart and I come apart

In your icy hands

I forget my role, as I stare into your soul

In the empty place you change your mind

You change your clothes you change your pose

For a perfect fit

I forget the cast, as I stare into your past

For a moment we're strangers

For a minute you look away

For a second or always

For an instant another day

Such strange things you say

In the empty place we dress our wounds

Collect our coats, a window gloats

Above a street

I prepare my case, as I stare into your face

Just one me one you

The world contains a few

Is it true, is it truly new

Are we through the stolen door once more

The Church

For A Moment Were Strangers / The Church

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