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Anna sits beside her research

Silence in the dappled moonlight

Sleeping cat and dying fire

Embers of the past conspire

All her books are closed and scattered

And she feels that nothing matters to her

Outside this dream her sister frequents

Like a cobweb catching fragments

She approaches like a vision

She says "Anna, do you hear me?

But the picture's always shuttered

All the distant thoughts that flutter to her

I can see them all, I can hear them call

And as she falls I lean to say goodbye

Breathing all the wasted hours

Talking to the dying flowers

Dwarfed by spires and tangled towers

We don't ask the reason why

Anna comes and goes in shadows

Paintings of the open windows

Her photograph is always faded

Her sister's eyes are blank and shaded

Don't you understand her science

Merging in a strange alliance to her

We're together in the future

You and I and her together

All our fated are intermingled

We are plural, we are single

We are leaving for a meeting

And last seen the weather sleeting for her

The Church

Sisters / The Church

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