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Shadow Cabinet

Now chased by the shapes of your vowels

Look at the things she allows

Junction fever must have closed down the rail

The gluttonous wind keeps on nibbling the sail

Queuing in the ruins in the wake of the gale

It's harmony I say

Here the difference between close and near

The way oaths and oafs interfere

Bliss comes first as a jangling flood

The pillow from the old country arrives with a thud

And that night she dreams ceremony and mud

It's happening I say

Must be thirsty, drink, drink, sink, forget

Must be empty inside the shadow cabinet

She offered her chaos to me

Proffered herself languidly

The eldritch bitch must have muddled her spells

Tinges of Persia, I hope that it sells

Chemical nuptials and ringing the bells

It's heavenly I say

Then one winter morning you walk through the trees

But they cut them all down for the factories

Made this pretty cabinet and gave you the keys

It's hardly used I think

The Church

Shadow Cabinet / The Church

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