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Never Come Back

Well I came to this land where the snow and the sand

Cover my footprints with ice

The cool grey sea calls me "come and be free"

And I almost take that advice

And in the night I cling to the names

Of the women I wanted and the men that I blamed

And their scorn that scorches my tracks

One thing I know you can never come back

Oh darling please meet me in the dark empty streets

Won't you bring me the things that I need

No-one is waiting where she used to stand

Just the jagged thorns of the weed

And in the day they drink their hot wine

And I long for the things that can never be mine

So your pretty clothes do not unpack

As plain as the day you can never come back


Brought to you by Paul Webb pmwebb@cats.ucsc.edu


The Church

Never Come Back / The Church

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