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Life Speeds Up

The clouds in the sky are all rushing by

A stare's just a backwards glance

The years and the days are all melting away

Yet you still won't take a chance

But life speeds up, don't you know, don't you know

The push and the throb, the threat of the mob

The crack's not a secret this time

The mouths and the doors, now I can't shut anymore

Keep running, you're falling behind

The world spins alone, the weight of it groans

I get dizzy just turning the page

The air holds us down and we're stuck on the ground

Trying to slip off our age

Come to the window come to the door

Given under my hand given under the law

I gave you everything you still want more

They gave you some mad forgotten war

Now it's time to slow things down

Because I told you life speeds up

Tell me how it happened did it hurt did you cry

Did you ever feel yourself falling out of the sky

Did you ever lie awake and wonder why

Did you ever fall asleep and dream that you died

We grind to a halt and we start again

We come to a corner but it's only a bend

And all those broken promises they never end

Who cares if it's mad when it's only pretend

The Church

Life Speeds Up / The Church

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